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Credit: Abu's Flickr Photo Stream

The insect commonly known as the locust is a remarkable creation. One type of female locust has an ovipositor (a sort of knife) located in front of her mid-section. When she is ready to deposit eggs,  she will land on a suitable tree branch and use the ovipositor to make slits in the bark. She then deposits her eggs inside the bark and goes away to never see her offspring. After the baby locusts hatch, they crawl down the tree, burrow into the ground, and live on the juices from the roots of the tree.  Seventeen years later they come to the surface of the ground as full-grown locusts.

It has been reported that some locusts come to the surface seventeen years later to the day! The theory of evolution can not account for the locust. God’s creativity is beyond comprehension!

The above was taken from Evolution In The Light of Scripture, Science and Sense, P.37 as quoted in A Closer Look At The Evidence, by Richard & Tina Kleiss.

Praise be to the LORD GOD . . . Who alone does marvelous deeds.     Psalm 72:18


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