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Many people believe that the universe is infinitely old and has been around forever. They believe that the universe does not have a creator, because the universe is all there is. The fact that the universe is not uniform in temperature disproves this fact belief.

One of the most fundamental laws of the universe is that heat always flows from hot to cold. In other words, left to itself, a hot object eventually cools down. Yet our universe is full of hot objects. If the universe were infinitely old, the temperature throughout the universe should be uniform. Several logical deductions can be drawn from this observation:

  • Since the temperature of the universe is not uniform, the universe is not  infinitely old.
  • If the universe is not infinitely old, it must have had a beginning.
  • Since the universe had to have a beginning, it must have had a creator; because something cannot come from nothing. (The Law of Biogenesis)

The Bible is the only book which describes the character, methods, and purpose of that Creator. We owe it to ourselves to study both the universe when HE made and the book that HE has inspired. both will allow us to know this Creator better.

The above was taken from In The Beginning, 7th Edition P. 24 as quoted in A Closer Look At The Evidence, by Richard & Tina Kleiss.

Oh LORD, you are my GOD; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.   Isaiah 25:1



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