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July 25th, 2009


It is false to say that you cannot be a true scientist if you believe in creation. The very founders of the scientific methods and the scientists who developed some of the most important foundational principles of modern science were primarily creationists. Creationists find themselves in the company of great men of science such as Robert Boyle, George Washington Carver, Michael Faraday, John Ambrose Fleming, James Joule, Lord Kelvin, Carolus Linneaus, Matthew Maury, Joseph Clerk Maxwell, Gregor Mendel, Samuel F.B. Morse, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, William Ramsay and Leonardo da Vinci. Many scientists, such as Carolus Linnaeus, George Washington Carver and Matthew Maury, claim to have received their inspirational ideas directly from the Bible. There are also many creation scientists today who are top in their fields. Their, belief in creation and a young earth has not proven to be a hindrance, but actually an asset to their scientific endeavors.

The discoveries of these great men of science are a testament to their belief in the Creator of a designed universe. Their Confidence to pursue scientific discoveries was and continues to be a natural outcome of their belief that discovering how the world works is possible because the universe is the product of an intelligent and all-powerful Designer of order.

The above was taken from Men of Science, Men of God, p. 1-3 as quoted in A Closer Look At The Evidence, by Richard & Tina Kleiss.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. (Psalm 119: 130)