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July 17th, 2009

The following definitions are taken from the Oxford English and the World Book Dictionaries and is quoted here from an article written by Dr. Dave Demick, M.D. in Think & Believe published by Alpha Omega Institute, September / October 2005.

SCIENTIFIC LAW—- A regular pattern of occurrence of natural events, so regular and predictable that there are few or no exceptions. The fewer the exceptions to a law, the better established it is.

FACT —- That which exists, something witnessed firsthand, a datum of experience (plural: data)

—- A framework of scientific explanation concerning a certain phenomenon or group of phenomena, which has gained validity by showing predictive power or explaining newly observed facts.

HYPOTHESIS —- A tentative scientific explanation for a set of observed facts, subject to future proof (or disproof) through further observation / experimentation. The usual progression is that a hypothesis graduates to being a theory.

CONJECTURE —- An opinion or conclusion based on incomplete information; a guess.

Take every statement made about evolution and judge that statement according to the above definitions. You will find that each evolutionary statement falls short of ¬†each definition except conjecture. Every “proof” that has been touted as “proof of evolution” has eventually been exposed as a fraud or seriously misrepresented. See future posts for many examples of these misrepresentations.